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Put your CRM
system on autopilot.

Connect your CRM to Discovery Data through our REST API or subscribe to our out-of-the-box solution Discovery DataLink™. Discovery DataLink is a app that allows you to easily populate and maintain an up-to-date CRM system and will arm your team with extensive information on financial services industry firms and reps, including financial advisors. Automate data integration and hygiene processes to fit your needs, as well as obtain detailed profiles on your records with a click of a button.

Discovery DataLink

What you accomplished with
that one click
would have taken
us 3 ½ days of work.


How Discovery DataLink will work for you.

Enrich Current Records

Discovery DataLink will connect our industry database
to Account, Contact and Lead records that have a valid
CRD identifier. Once a link is established, data updates can
take place weekly and additional profile details can be
viewed in and added right from Discovery Data.

Populate New Records

To populate new firm and rep records your
Salesforce System Administrator will set your Audience
Criteria. Any firms and reps Discovery Data has that
meet your criteria and are not linked already in your
CRM system will be sent to Salesforce.

For all records, a custom field will be installed to
indicate one of the following statuses:

Discovery DataLink Status Icons


Pending Link


Update Available


Not Found


DataLink Lead Mapping and Panel

Know exactly
which fields
will be
updated and when.

Your System Administrator will map and schedule updates from a combination of Salesforce standard and custom fields to Discovery Data fields. Updates can be applied automatically or after a user confirms an update to a field and take place weekly or monthly after standard business hours. Automatic field updates can be configured at an organization-wide level.

In addition, a Visualforce panel is available to display within a new section on Account, Contact and Lead layouts and will always show the most up-to-date information in Discovery Data for that record.


Select from
to 100 Discovery Data fields for automatic or user approval updates


Apply automatically, require confirmation
or populate
if empty


records with pending updates via custom
views available


a record has updates available and access
these updates easily


Review a
side-by-side comparison of your data and Discovery Data updates

Access custom tools
view profiles and
add data.

Two custom buttons will be installed within your CRM system and available on Account, Contact and Lead records: Discovery Data Profile and Discovery Data Search.

Instantly view firm or rep profiles

Easily add data in Discovery Data


By clicking either button, you will automatically log into Discovery Data within a new window. When a new or updated CRD is applied using Discovery Data Search, data updates populate simultaneously.

DataLink Profile Search Buttons
DataLink Tabs

Sit back and relax while we
populate new
firms and reps.

Each week Discovery Data adds new firms and reps. These firms and reps will be available within your CRM system via two custom tabs: New Firms and New Reps. Here you will have the option to set your Audience Criteria and add them all as new records or select which records you would like to add. We will determine if the CRD already exists within your CRM system and indicate any possible matches to help prevent adding duplicate records. New reps can be added as Contacts with Accounts or Leads.

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