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Make sure you are reaching out to the right people at the right place.

Our Financial Services Industry dataset is the only one of its kind, providing a consolidated view of extensive information on all firms and over 725,000 professionals. We have spent over 15 years refining our data collection and management process and understanding our clients’ distribution and recruiting needs, resulting in what are today unparalleled tools to help you do business with the financial services industry.

Data Hygiene

Your data is matched to our comprehensive data warehouse.

Data updates
and additions plus
new records are provided.

Ongoing updates
are sent on a
frequent basis.

Free data hygiene analysis
& recommendation report.

Learn at no cost or obligation what the condition of your data is and what
it would require to clean it up by taking advantage of our
Free Data Hygiene Analysis & Recommendation Report. With this report you will know exactly what it will take to clean up your data,
how much data will be added, how long the project will take to complete, and what the cost will be. The results contained in the
report usually present a dramatic picture of the positive impact a Discovery Data hygiene project can have on your records.

Reps who are now at different firms

CRD numbers added

Duplicate records to remove or merge

Added or corrected addresses, phones and emails

Firms and reps no longer in the industry

New records missing from your target audience

How it Works

Your data file is first properly formatted with fields parsed, normalized and standardized to prepare it for the matching process. Then it is matched to our comprehensive data warehouse, which contains an unparalleled amount of current and historical industry data. Next, a programmatic match process is run to find exact matches. All remaining records are reviewed manually by a team of experts.


Dramatically improve productivity of sales and marketing teams, lower ongoing data management costs, increase customer satisfaction through expanded outreach, de-dupe and add firm and rep profiles, remove firms and reps no longer in the business, and add CRD numbers for easy future data maintenance. Learn More

Learn how we have helped some of the largest and most successful organizations update, merge existing systems and migrate to a new CRM with our data hygiene service, and let us recommend a custom solution to help you and your team.

Data Hygiene

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