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Subscribers to Discovery Data have access to an in-depth, current snapshot of the financial services industry. With Discovery Data Market Insight we provide you with the missing resources you need to make informed business decisions. Tap into our Discovery Data Retail Financial Services Industry Almanac™, interactive dashboards, and custom research and consulting to gain a deeper understanding of what the data is
telling you.

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Our Market Insight Offering

Retail Financial Services Industry Almanac

Interactive, powerful dashboards

6 hours of consulting for your business

Quarterly white papers and studies


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Access three billion data points with the Almanac.

The industry has been asking for a comprehensive, definitive source for
market insight, and here it is:
the Discovery Data Retail Financial Services Industry Almanac.
With hundreds of charts and commentary grounded
in concrete data, the Almanac is a
necessity for strategic or business planning.
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Discovery Data Retail Financial Services Industry Almanac

View hundreds of pages of industry insights and analysis, and scores of charts.



Broker-dealer and
investment advisory


Market Size

Over 45,000
firms and
1 million
professionals​, including active and inactive


Years Covered

The time period
between 2008 – 2014


Unlike any other industry
research study available

To help you make the best strategic decisions for your business you will have access to research built on 3 billion data points, and in-depth commentary and breakdowns on the entire industry rather than narrow views compiled by extrapolating from a small sampling. We cover a vast array of themes and topics such as The Move to Independent, Aging of the Advisor Population, Firm Segmentation, Rep Registration Activity and Retail RIA AUM Analysis, providing an all in one resource.


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Quickly and easily see important trends and
market opportunities with dashboards.

For many years the financial services industry has relied on
Discovery Data Archive™ for completing
the largest and most complex data
hygiene projects. However, this unmatched, massive, historical data repository
has not been
easily accessible to our clients for purposes of
gaining market insights, until now. With our powerful, interactive Discovery Data Market Insight Dashboards™, clients quickly and easily see
important industry trends and market
opportunities to help guide long-term
strategic focus as well as annual business planning.

Rep Analysis Dashboards

Each dashboard is interactive, allowing for a customized view based on the analysis you are looking
to conduct. Once a time frame is specified, you can perform one or more of the following:

Breakdown by month, quarter or year

Hover to view additional details

Filter using key profile points

Export charts and the underlying data


Dashboards Available

Analyze all industry firms and over 1 million reps, including active and
inactive, by year, geography, industry,
firm type, rep movement and licenses,
RIA assets by channel and ownership type, and much more.





Rep Analysis




Geographic Analysis


Research and Consulting

Research and
consulting personalized
for your business.

As you identify insights in the Almanac that are important for your business, you can then go into the Discovery Data Market Insight Dashboards and manipulate the data, filtering by time periods and market segments. In addition, you are entitled to six hours of custom research and consulting, engaging our research team to focus all of this data directly on your business needs.

Research and Consulting

Valuable findings
and insights
the marketplace.

Our white papers and studies cover a variety of topics including industry movement, timely events and analyses of specific segments of the market. Each report utilizes our present day snapshot of the industry or Discovery Data Archive, in conjunction with over 30 years of industry expertise to present valuable findings and insights on the marketplace.

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