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Discovery Launches Unique Advisor Identifier

"Success Likelihood" Helps Discovery Clients Target Top Advisors

EATONTOWN, NJ — October 18, 2010 — Discovery has made available in its Registered Representative (RR) database a new data field, Success Likelihood, to assist clients in narrowing the universe of 600,000 RRs down to a target list.

This new method segments RRs into three categories: those with a higher likelihood of being successful financial advisors and their staff, those known to be non-producers, and then all remaining RRs not categorized as non-producers or those with a higher likelihood of being successful advisors.

"Following extensive testing for validity, this unique Discovery segmentation is proving to be the most accurate method of identifying a target list of top advisors and the staff of those advisors," stated Bob Herrmann, CEO of Discovery Company.

Contact Discovery at 732-933-1899 or info@discoveryco.com with any questions or to learn more.

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