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With our Trust Company data you can connect with 2,300 trust companies and over 9,000 key staff. Search and analyze trust companies, officers and other key professionals using detailed filters including assets, accounts, types of trust vehicles, company, branch and professional contact information, and affiliations.

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Trust Company Data

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Trust Company Filters

A closer look at trust company filters.

Narrow down to your target audience with filters such as Cert #, Title Category, Total Assets by Category, Fiduciary Power Exercised, geographic location and more. Discovery Data allows you to include or exclude any of our filters to create your ideal market, including custom list uploads, and provides detailed profiles of up to 50 data fields to help you target your efforts further.

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  • Main office addresses and phone numbers

  • Assets Under Management, in most cases

  • Extensive asset breakdowns

  • Personal trust and retirement plan accounts

  • BD affiliations

  • Executives, trust officers and portfolio managers

  • Title categories and email addresses

Search Results

Profile & Analyze

  • Up to 50 data fields available, including individual and firm level detail

  • Search and analyze trust companies using demographic and asset filters


  • Identify key trust companies for distribution

  • Limit sales calls to only trust companies that meet your criteria

  • Target direct mail and email to only your market

  • Realign or create territories for your team

  • Perform share of wallet analysis on current clients

  • Analyze your client base

  • Understand your market share relative to the industry

Mailing and Email Address Validation

Through our data process to continuously validate, update, correct, standardize and format mailing addresses we have met the rigorous United States Postal Service® requirements, earning their CASS™ Certification. All email addresses have the same process through one of the industry’s most reputable email hygiene vendors, meet a long list of requirements before they are made available to clients and continue to do so to remain accessible in the database. Conduct direct mail and email campaigns with confidence and benefit from a high delivery rate and new addresses added weekly.


A Financial Services Industry subscription includes unlimited access to the data, along with a dedicated consultant and account manager to assist your firm both strategically and hands on to help you utilize the database to its fullest potential. Sign-up for a variety of training webinars, review monthly tips and updates, and access market insight to educate and encourage best practices when targeting the financial services industry.
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