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Discovery Data Updates its Long-Term Aging of the Advisor Population Study, 2008 – 2014

EATONTOWN, NJ — September 2, 2015 — Discovery Data, the leading financial services industry provider of data and analytics on firms and professionals, has released the latest edition of its Discovery Data Aging of the Advisor Population Study, updated through year-end 2014. This in-depth analysis of the advisor population for the seven year period of 2008 – 2014 provides key insights on the industry.

Within this study Discovery Data reports at year-end 2008 the number of registered reps within Discovery Data who were 35 years of age and under was 146,883. Year-end 2014 the number of reps dropped to 105,996, for a decline of 28%. During the same time period, the population of reps over 35 years of age declined only 1%.

“The advisor population is aging rapidly, but not only due to the lack of new rep hiring,” stated Bob Herrmann, CEO of Discovery Data. “The difficult business environment resulting from the financial crisis has led younger professionals to exit the financial services industry and switch their career paths to other industries.”

Both retail and institutional channel breakdowns, as well as many key factors and market predictions are detailed throughout the study to assist Discovery Data clients with business and strategic planning. Updates are provided annually and made available within Discovery Data. Clients can also access this study along with a complete overview and analysis of the industry as a subscriber to Discovery Data Market Insight.

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