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Discovery Data Releases Much Anticipated Enhancements to its App

EATONTOWN, NJ — April 28, 2017 — Discovery Data, the leading financial services industry provider of data on firms and professionals and recognized expert in CRM data hygiene, has launched a dramatically enhanced app. Providing complete automation, Discovery DataLink™ helps populate and maintain an up-to-date CRM system with extensive information on financial services industry firms and reps, and now offers many significant, additional benefits to help clients reduce data management costs and time spent managing CRM systems.

Discovery DataLink has expanded to support a Branch Account hierarchy for Salesforce CRMs associating and auto-updating Branch Accounts to Parent Accounts. In conjunction, primary relationships have been assigned to eliminate duplicate records for reps associated with multiple firms. The app will continue to support a traditional Parent Account/Contact hierarchy and multiple records for reps with more than one firm association depending on settings chosen during installation.

“After years of experience and feedback, we are excited to share our newest version of Discovery DataLink,” stated Bob Herrmann, CEO of Discovery Data. “Discovery DataLink was a very powerful tool right out of the gate that many firms have taken advantage of and this next generation app ensures our clients will greatly improve data accuracy and completeness while lowering overall costs for years to come.”

Additional Discovery DataLink enhancements include enabling automatic Contact movement when a rep changes firms, expanded search filters available to set Discovery DataLink Audience Criteria and send weekly updates, more update methods on Discovery Data Mapping, and a variety of convenience improvements such as auto-filling search filters and the ability to update Audience Criteria on demand.

To help Salesforce Administrators manage the app and have greater transparency into the status and results of weekly record updates, data storage and processing were moved out of Salesforce and into the Discovery Data Cloud, API calls were reduced and additional notifications were added.

Installations of the new Discovery DataLink have already begun. For more information, contact 732-933-1899 or

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