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Discovery DataLink Surpasses 5 Billion Client CRM Data Fields Updated or Verified

EATONTOWN, NJ — February 8, 2018 — Discovery Data, the leading financial services industry provider of data on firms and professionals and recognized expert in CRM data hygiene, has surpassed five billion client data fields updated or verified by its app, Discovery DataLink™.

Discovery DataLink is a data integration application that allows organizations to automatically update their CRM records. It also automatically adds new firms and professionals that meet target market criteria, including new entrants to the industry and those reaching select triggers such as minimum business size or practice type. The app connects Discovery Data to CRM Accounts, Contacts and Leads. Once linked, data updates and new targets are added weekly for financial services industry firms and professionals.

Last year Discovery Data launched significant enhancements to Discovery DataLink and in this short time the app has been installed by organizations of all sizes and is currently updating or verifying over 200 million client CRM data fields each week.

Data fields linked by Discovery DataLink result in robust firm and professional CRM profiles with names, titles, roles, contact information, branch office details, investments, custodians, current and historical assets, affiliated firms, licenses and designations, regulatory disclosures, firm registration history and much more. Discovery DataLink can be easily configured in a variety of ways to match each organization's unique workflow rules.

“Discovery DataLink is being installed by our clients at an accelerating rate because it saves significant operating costs, while at the same time driving productivity to far higher levels,” stated Bob Herrmann, CEO of Discovery Data.

About Discovery Data
Discovery Data offers a consolidated view of the financial services industry, including all BD and RIA firms, over 700,000 reps, 2,300 trust companies and 1.8 million insurance agents. Access is provided via subscription to an online portal and through a Salesforce app, custom API integrations, and secure HTTPS and FTP sites. In addition, Discovery Data is the industry leader in data hygiene services and expert in data-driven market insight and marketing campaigns. Many of the world's largest and most successful institutions rely on Discovery Data to understand the industry, and to identify, reach and do business with firms and professionals throughout North America. For more information, contact 732-933-1899 or

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