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Discovery Data Creates Innovative New Advisor Performance Tracker

EATONTOWN, NJ — August 15, 2019 — Discovery Data, the leading financial services industry provider of data and analytics on firms, retirement plans and professionals, has created an innovative new advisor performance tracker, Advisor Success Level (ASL), to better assist clients in segmenting and prioritizing outreach to practicing retail financial advisors.

Discovery Data looks at a group of factors that in combination are highly accurate in establishing the relative success level of an advisor in comparison to all advisors in the industry. An advisor is assigned to a level between one and five based on how they measure for each category and then the average is calculated across all categories to determine the ASL, resulting in a specific overall score as well as a quintile grouping.

All success levels are accompanied by an ASL Confidence Score. The ASL and Confidence Score together equip Discovery Data clients with a quick measure of advisor practice size, allowing for improved targeting.

“No one profile point on its own can be relied upon to determine the size of an advisor’s practice,” stated Bob Herrmann, CEO of Discovery Data. “Clients can use ASL and layer in additional factors that matter to them to prioritize their outreach even further.”

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